About Mara Infinity

Our tour company started from having a dream!

Our company philosophy is to share every bit of this unforgettable experience with our customers, show them the best of East Africa and take them somewhere they have never been before!

Mara Infinity Safaris exists to help you realize your dreams. As your dream holiday deserves all the careful planning you would put into any major lifetime investment. We aim to change your entire holistic outlook and provide enlightening memories that will remain with you for years, bringing you back to the Cradle of Mankind – where it all began.

Guest who have travelled with Mara Infinity Safaris and those who personally work with us on daily basis or know us from our efforts to give back and make a positive change in East Africa, easily recognize that we are not the norm: we genuinely care and offer a heartfelt commitment to our guests and to the integration of responsible tourism with wildlife conservation, ecology safeguarding and the wellbeing of indigenous cultural communities.

Mara Infinity Safaris team possess superlative knowledge of the African travel field and outstanding familiarity with varied destinations, language, cultural nuances and local operations, so that you benefit from the best possible advice and the most flexible and creative approach to designing your vacation experience. We are not cobbling together a tour that looks good on paper or screen, but giving our travelers the advantage of our lifetime familiarity with your preferred destination experiences. The competence and knowledge of our safari tour guides as well has contributed highly to the overall experience. Clients can fully enjoy the scenery, wildlife, and other activities knowing that they are with the best guide to ensure the safari adventure is perfect in anticipation, from your arrival to departure, and even more perfect in retrospect.

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Your experience is important to us!

You are in safe hands and by choosing us we can promise you won’t regret it!