Is it safe to travel to Kenya amidst the global covid-19 pandemic?

YES. Kenya has been listed among the 80 global destinations certified and authorized to use the “World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) “Safe Travel Stamp” after the destination’s adopted the global COVID-19 health and hygiene standardized protocols.

This stamp allows for the recognition of Kenya as a viable holiday safari destination subject to the implementation of the health and safety protocols.

Our COVID-19 health and safety protocols:

Mara Infinity Safaris has adopted tourism and hospitality protocols on health and safety to mitigate the effects of the disruptions caused by the coronavirus disease and taken responsibility for ensuring that destination Kenya is safe for tourism business.

Protocols for airport transfers, excursions & safari operations:
  1. We will ensure that all our safari transfer vehicles are properly cleaned and sanitized during and after each trip/ transfer.
  2. We will provide packed lunches for a long drive to avoid unnecessary stop-overs.
  3. We shall ensure our safari/transfer vehicles are sanitized before the start of each trip and this will include cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces (handrails, door handles, seats, etc.) at regular times in the course of the trip.
  4. We shall encourage open windows when weather permits, to allow air circulation in all our safari and transfer vehicles.
  5. We will limit the number of staff accompanying guests on every trip – only one driver guide per vehicle.
  6. Only the driver guide will be permitted to open doors for the clients to minimize touching contaminated surfaces where applicable. The driver shall sanitize the doors before and after opening/closing.
  7. We will endeavor to educate office staff, driver guides, and customers about their shared responsibility to help protect each other in a Covid-19 environment. Maintain an appropriate and reliable list of emergency contacts for rapid assistance in case of health and safety-related instances. This list will be stuck in each of our safari/transfer vehicles.
  8. We will educate and encourage our guests to minimize /avoid paying using cash at restaurants, curio shops e.t.c. Online, Mobile payment, or credit/debit cards encouraged.
  9. Guides and clients are required to wear masks during the duration of the tour at all times.
  10. Our drivers shall not be allowed to make a stopover at any other place apart from the prearranged designated point or areas.
  11. All our vehicles shall carry a capacity that ensures social distancing between guests traveling together. Land cruisers and similar vehicles the carrying capacity shall not exceed 7 passengers.
  12. Mara Infinity Safaris will only choose partners that are confirmed to comply with existing Government directives for the safe handling of their guests. This includes but is not limited to hotels, airlines, boat e.t.c.
  13. Any provided water bottles or items shall be labeled with each guest’s name to avoid sharing or use by another.
Coronavirus requirements for travelers into Kenya
  1. The passenger must not have a body temperature above 37.5°C (99.5°F)
  2. The passenger does not have a persistent cough, difficulty breathing, or other flu-like symptoms
  3. The passenger must have a negative COVID-19 test certificate conducted within 96 hours of arrival. All age groups must be tested including infants.
  4. The countries whose citizens are exempted from quarantine when they arrive in Kenya is contained in the Kenya Civil Aviation Authorities (KCAA) website. Use the link for the latest information published. However, in case an individual traveler has symptoms such as a fever that is above {37.5 oC /99.5 oF}, and other corona-like symptoms, Port Health
  5. Services present at the airport will handle the traveler in accordance with public health protocols. Note: Countries above will be updated periodically.
  6. Travelers coming to Kenya are required to fill a mandatory medical form before arrival in Nairobi, Kenya. In case this is not filled, passengers will be penalized. Use the link below to access it.
  7. Masks are not provided for free and every traveler should purchase their own masks.
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Kenya Quarantine exempted states:

Visa, Health and Country requirements:

Kenya Mandatory online Travelers Health Surveillance Form to be filled and submitted prior: